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We’re all locals somewhere, with a home in a hometown in a great state. The Fifty United Plates is a two-fold project where we’ve taken all 50 of the United States and re-created them as a collection of handcrafted porcelain dishes.  The first phase of this project is the State Plate, where each state is similarly sized and made for the home cook.  Part two is near and dear to us, it’s our original vision and the heart of The Fifty United Plates, The Map Set, where all 50 contiguous United States are made to scale with their neighbor, interlocking to create a feast-sized spread that measures 7 x 4 feet.  The Map Set has been two years in the making, a handmade journey that unfolded over the creation of our company, Corbé, three regions of the country, three studios, dozens of  prototypes, countless hours, and many helping hands - but let’s start at the beginning.

Corbé started around the table with friends in rural Wisconsin, over hard earned meals cooked the long way, from scratch and out of nearby gardens, with wine and laughter.  Inspired to contribute, we set out to create a thoughtful collection of ceramics to capture the sentiment of the people, the place, and the bounty at the heart of our gratitude.  Our first prototype was made, the Wisconsin State Plate, and The Fifty United Plates were born.  We knew we needed to scale down our large-scale vision to one that could fit in a hand, or many hands, as we’d come to find out.  

We launched the Fifty United Plates as a Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2013.  The campaign was based around our take-home version, State Plates, as the rewards to fund our equipment and the long process of making The Map Set.  We couldn’t have felt more love pour through the Kickstarter, surpassing our funding goal on the first day to become one of the top campaigns of its time.  The State Plate's uses are plentiful in the kitchen and cooking is encouraged as they can be baked at a full range of temperatures, refrigerated, microwaved and dishwashed after it’s all said and done. It's the American dream dish. They're made of high-fired porcelain that is sealed with glaze for an incredibly durable and non-stick surface. Each State Plate is roughly 12 to 16 inches along its longest side, making it ideal for layered cakes, pies, casseroles, and appetizers.

Our sentiment rang true for many across the country because we’ve all felt ties and responsibility to a community, shared work and it’s rewards with friends.  We’ve toiled in kitchens for family holidays, and built our lives knowing the places we’ve been and the people we’ve known there will resonate through all we do.  The project is for those people – their neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities, regions, states, countries – their homes. It’s a local project – built for our neighbors, born of their bounty, and made only greater in it’s relation to another person, another place – a spread known as The Fifty United Plates.

To complete this hard-earned project in the hard working city of Detroit feels right, like Corbé is exactly where it’s supposed to be.  There is true pride in Detroit’s homage to locality, from vacant lands to community gardens, restaurants with progressive menus and fair pay, and grant programs to give local entrepreneurs a literal foundation for their innovations.  The new face of Detroit won’t be the 20th century model of mighty, mass manufacturing.  It will be the familiar face of local businesses making small-scale, handufactured goods that thoughtfully honor material, craft, and the communities who support them.   We’re pulling up a seat at the table where we’ve set the Fifty United Plates Map Set and in the sweet company of makers, neighbors, and family, let’s enjoy the feast; we’ve saved you a seat.  


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